Steven Montague, P.A.

Steven Montague earned his Master of Medical Science at Yale University in New Haven, CT, completed his clinical rotations in San Diego, and graduated with honors. He has an array of clinical experience prior to becoming a PA. He has worked as a medical massage therapist, volunteered in patient care at Scripps Green Hospital, and has extensive experience in the treatment of alcohol use disorder. Steven completed an education fellowship with Yale University and works as a guest lecturer in Yale’s PA Online Program. He also teaches meditation and provides community outreach as a health advocate for the homeless and medically underserved.

Steven is thrilled to be working at My Chula Vista Doctors. He works in partnership with his patients to identify and treat the root cause of illness. He incorporates nutrition, exercise, and sleep into his treatment plans to remove barriers to his patients’ health and improve their quality of life. In his free time, Steven enjoys hiking, surfing, softball, playing guitar, Pilates, travel, and cooking.

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