Personal Details
Doctor Name Simona Alb, MD
Primary Specialty Family Medicine
Experience 20 Years
Languages Romanian,Spanish, English
Clinical Areas Gynelogy, IUD placement, Family Medicine
Working Hours
Monday 7:30AM-1:00PM
Wednesday 8:30AM-2:00PM
Thursday 7:30AM-1:00PM

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Dr Simona “Ella” Alb graduated from Medical School in Romania in 1999, then completed her training in Family Medicine at St Francis Hospital and Health Care in Beech Grove Indiana in 2006. She joined a private practice in Logansport, IN, taking care of patients in office, hospital and nursing homes. Since her move to Bonita, she has been dividing her time between taking care of her patients and raising her daughter. She is Board-Certified by the American Academy of Family Medicine and her expertise includes Women’s Health and gynecological procedures (colposcopies, endometrial biopsies,etc) and her special interest is in Pediatrics. She relaxes by playing piano with her daughter on her lap.