Our Mission

Above all, our Physicians and Staff are guided by compassion for individual Patients. Our words and actions originate in a generous Spirit of Service to each Patient and their Families. We recognize that our most effective medical service arises first from compassionate listening to the patient’s spoken and unspoken needs. Compassionate listening is the foundation of our successful medical care and the individual Patient’s healing.

We respect the dignity of each Patient, especially in his or her difficult times of physical, mental or emotional suffering, which includes anxiety, fear, confusion, anger, deprivation and pain. We respect our Fellow Physicians, Nurses, Office Staff and the Medical Community. We make consistent, sincere efforts to communicate with our Peers and Staff. We are guided by a Spirit of understanding, cooperation and optimism. We examine ourselves for our own deficiencies. This self-examination includes striving to improve our communication and medical skills, in order to achieve the best possible patient care.

We hold ourselves and our staff to the highest standards of professional behavior. Our code of professional ethics includes Honesty, Discretion and Courtesy when communicating with Physicians and Staff, as well as with Patients and the Medical Community. We recognize our individual place among our Team of Physicians and Support Staff. We recognize that we grow professionally and personally as a Team and can deliver the most effective and timely medical care, as a Team, to our individual Patients. We each commit to an annual, individual review to identify our deficiencies and to celebrate growth and successes.